Ahoy! Little wolf

Ahoy! Little wolf

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Ahoy! little wolf is a book for the little ones about the importance of friendship, understanding others and wolves! Come and join Ayasha, a little wolf who confronts bullying.

The book leads us to try to appreciate and respect her differences; is a way to invite us to understand and give a voice to those that cannot defend themselves.


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Ahoy! Little friend

Come with us and learn more about wolves. In here you will meet little wolves and their friends. Do you like wolves? You can howl just like them; you can get some masks and drawings for you to paint. Do you want to go closer to wolves? We will help you to reach the specialists in charge of Wolves’ conservation. If you walk with us you will discover new things to share with your family and friends.

Come, let’s start the adventure and save wolves!

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Looking for a place near you to meet some wolves?


There are really great places, like sanctuaries and zoos, to meet wolves around the world. They have specialists that can guide you and help you to learn about wolves and meet them in a safe way. Click on the map so that we can help you to find one.

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